My agency, my mission:

I have created a new, more personalized insurance agency to serve you best.

We focus on companies with under 100 employees, yet we provide a level of customer service that only very large companies have come to expect. Our customized approach means that we will spend whatever time and energy necessary to find the policy or policies that best fulfill your needs.

Each client is seen as an individual and treated like our only customer.

We seek to educate ourselves regarding the needs, concerns, and goals of our clients.  We strive to educate our clients regarding the often confusing realm of insurance policies, complex regulations, and competing insurance companies. Only then can we intelligently discuss a strategy to design a prudent course of action.

Health Insurance regulation.

The health care industry is changing as never before.  Our agency is adroit enough to stay ahead of the curve and dedicated to the best interests of our customers. Consequently, we will effectively review policies in the light of new regulations that will affect you.  We will educate and discuss any effects this will have on your group.

We work with all major insurance companies operating in the Northeast.

Our relationships and agreements with these underwriters enable us to research and identify the proper plan for our customers.  We can help you make insurance decisions that are intelligent, constructive, and cost effective.

Thomas Fischetti
Founder & CEO